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Hemyr Enameled Cast-Iron Skillets

Includes 30cm skillet, 32cm skillet, 34cm skillet. Hemyr enameled cast-iron skillets can be outfitted for your kitchen in a variety of sizes, for your enjoying of frying a few eggs, grilling a hot ham and cheese, making colorful pancakes, searing steaks, sautéing vegetables, or creating one-dish meals.

About Enameled Cast-iron Cookware & Bakewear

Enameled cast iron is cast iron that has a vitreous enamel glaze. As no-stick surface, the enamel coating over the cast iron prevents rusting, eliminates the need to season the metal, and allows for more thorough cleaning. Furthermore, pigments used in the enameling process can produce vibrant colors. Enameled cast-iron cookware &  bakeware are not only to meet the needs of daily kitchenware, but also used as festival cooking pots, because of their stylish, calm or bold temperament. While enamel coated cast iron doesn't have the seasoning and cleaning issues of bare cast iron, it can be several times more costly, and does not have some of the benefits of bare cast iron, such as the ability to withstand searing heat and resist sticking. It limits the leaching of dietary iron, and chipping of the enamel coating can be a concern.


Well-known manufacturers of enameled cast iron cookware are Cousances, Le Creuset, Tramontina, Le Chasseur, Lodge, Staub, Descoware, John Wright and Hemyr. Several newer brands in USA are associated with well-known celebrities and chefs, including Daniel Boulud Kitchen, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray Cookware (made by Anolon), and Mario Batali (made by Copco).

Enameled Cast-Iron Pots, Cherry Blossoms & Rose Red

Porcelain crack designed as the fingerprint, it is differently made of every crack lines .Variety of colors, its crack appearance is more like beautiful and romantic opening cherry blossoms with stylish bright. Apply to any kinds of shovels, it’s scratch resistant. Made of cast iron coated with a high-quality porcelain , this creates a piece that with a never rusted, nonstick surface. Perfectly combined with beautiful and health, this cookware series includes pan, soup pot, frying pan and more, is being for your smart choice.

Enameled Cast-Iron Wok, and with Glass Lid

The surface of enameled cast iron makes the kitchen more stylish and colorful. The silicon based material completely eliminates harmful coatings for your health. The vertical lid can directly view the situation through, makes cooking more clear. Enamel cast iron conducts heat more quickly, and maintaining more time. The hard-wearing interior & exterior enamel protects against metal marks and other damage, you can feel free to use all types of utensils. It is worthy of the "Good temper pot".

Hemyr Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Bright & Beautiful colored, suitable for any kinds of spatula, scratch resistant, suitable for electric heating, gas cooker. The "water dripping” designed lid automatically condensates the steam in the pot, with nutritional soup dropping back. Maintain constant temperature, just heats to boiling and then turn off the fire, it’s durable to keep the delicious warm, avoiding the nutrition loss of the protein and vitamins. Easy to clean, never rusted.

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Company Profile

Zaoshanghuang was founded in 1974, it is best known as a cookware brand focus on extensive range of health and intelligent cookware and kitchen utensils in China. Through 40 years’ efforts, Zaoshanghuang Machinery Company has become a modern enterprise for R & D, production and sales of cast iron products. In 2014, the company introduced from Germany a logic line of automatic porcelain enameled, and the core technology for heating enameled cast iron, and with continuous using of Turkey and domestic high-quality enamels, Zaoshanghuang is developing to meet the first-quality standards in the country of metal casting, molding and enameling. At present, the brand of Zaoshanghuang has been in the representative leadership for high level of health & environmental protection, energy saving and durable quality in domestic market.
Zaoshanghuang Machinery Company has more than 20 million square meters of manufacturing base, launched with casting and molding foundry, polishing workshop, physical and chemical laboratory, quality inspection workshop, R & D laboratory, spectral analysis room, bulk warehouse and other facilities. The company has been invested a total of 140 sets of equipment for producing process, equipped with the advanced levels of casting resin film, resin coated sand, vanishing mode technology, that to fully guarantee the R & D, the producing, and technology upgrading and maintaining to always on a mature technical track.

Enameled Cast-Iron Grill Pan

The Cast iron handle also coated with porcelain enamel, it's comfortable and vivid, with smooth surface and resistance to abrasion. The inside ribs insure that food does not sit in grease so it's low fat cooking too. Heat retention and stain resistant, the grill pan use to sear, and is perfect for grilling your favorite meats and prepare panini sandwiches.